Our Motto

Our motto is: less is more. We are a small family business with years of experience in tourism and have offers for individuals, families and small groups.

Since we ourselves are living in Transylvania for many generations, we are in contact with the people in the area. As a result, in addition to the tourism offers, personal encounters with the eigbours and locals are possible. With us you dive deep into the country and are in contact with the people.

Each guest and each group decides what their time should be used for. Would you like to see many monasteries or prefer to hike for 3 days? You want to be in Cluj-Napoca and enjoy a good tour of the venerable Bábes-Bolyai University? Or you simply want to spend your holidays in the countryside, swim and fish at the hotel pond and dine well? Every variant is possible. An individual offer for you is important to us.

We run a family business and as our guest you are part of our family. We ensure safe and comfortable transport, take care of necessary tickets and provide you with the information you need. Otherwise, we stay in the background and take care of your well-being.